Class Policies

Tuition for the 12-weeks fall and winter sessions is $249 for the first child and $168 for siblings. Tuition for the 8-weeks spring session is $180 for the first child and $112 for siblings. Tuition for the 6-weeks summer session is $140 for the first child and $84 for siblings.

Tuition includes:

  • Twelve (12), eight (8) or six (6) weekly 45-minutes class.
  • A beautifully illustrated Music Together® booklet with all the songs we will be singing in class. We rotate from the 12 different song collections that Music Together offers, so families don’t experience the same collection until a full three-year cycle.
  • A professionally recorded CD with all the songs presented in class and in the family booklet.
  • A unique access code to the Hello Everybody App and the Family Music Zone. You will find activities to explore beyond the classroom experience, MP3 files, sheet music, research articles and much more.
  • The Music Together Music and your Child guide for parents.

Class Policies:

  • There is a one-time non-refundable $15 registration fee for families new to Seashell Music Together.
  • Infants under 8 months on the first day of class attend free with registered sibling! Kids 5 and older have the option to join for free with a registered sibling. Older siblings joining for free need to be able to follow the parents and teacher’s directions at all the times.
  • Caregivers and parents are required to participate.  Besides, it's FUN, when your child sees you joining in with enthusiasm, they want to join in too!  You are their greatest role model!
  • No refunds will be given after the first day of the semester.  No Exceptions please! There is a $30 administrative cancellation fee for any registration canceled within two weeks prior to the semester start date.  Full refund, minus the $5 processing fee is available before the two-week semester start date.
  • We do prorate for late registrations. Please email to get a code.
  • We offer make up classes on a space available basis. 2 make up classes permitted per child. No refunds on missed classes. Make ups may not be carried over to other sessions.
  • We are happy to offer scholarships, so everyone can join our classes. Please email to discuss any financial concern you may have.

ATTENDANCE: In order to provide a smooth transition between classes, every effort will be made to begin and end classes on time. Please be on time! It will make your child's adjustment easier. The Hello Song ritual is especially important for the children so that they begin to develop a sense of familiarity in class. The studios open 10-15 minutes before classes starts so your child can have a chance to acclimate himself/herself to the space. Your seat matters! Please let us know if you will be absent so another family can use your open seat as a make-up or demo class.

FOOD/DRINKS/CELL PHONES, etc.: To keep the space clean and to keep us all focused, please have your children finish all snacks outside the room. For those who must have their cell phones on during class, please be considerate and take your calls outside the classroom. Absolutely no texting is permitted in class! Please try your best to keep toys, dolls, sippy cups, & food out of the circle. These items can be a huge distraction to other children and they’re better off left in the car. Breastfeeding infants in class is totally fine!

HEALTH POLICY: We care about your family's health & the health of our teachers; therefore, we sanitize all used classroom instruments after every class. We expect that the babies will mouth the shakers & other instruments, as a natural part of their development process. Please change diapers in the restrooms & do not dispose them in our locations. We also provide kid-friendly hand sanitizer for your use before, during or after class. If you or your child has had a fever or other signs of a contagious illness within the past 24 hours, please do not come to class. Just use common sense if you are not sure, stay home & schedule a make-up class instead.

OLDER SIBLINGS IN CLASS: We try our best to create a family environment in all our classes, so older siblings are always welcome to visit.  Older siblings joining classes for free are required to show a positive behavior, so they can be good role models for the little ones. If they become disrespectful, disruptive or are unable to follow directions from their parents or the teachers, they might be asked to leave the classroom space permanently.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find that your current class time is not working for you, let us know ASAP. Changes can usually be made (at no extra charge) at any time during the semester if space permits. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!

MEDIA RELEASE: From time to time photos or videos may be taken during class and used only for the purposes of promoting our classes on our website, fliers and/or Facebook page. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to have you and/or your child's photo taken and used for such purposes. You may opt out of this at any time by notifying

LIABILITY RELEASE: By attending class, you agree to release Seashell Music Together and its associates and facilities of liability relating to injuries or damages that may occur inside class or in our parking lots.

PARTICIPATION: As leaders of this family music-making community, we urge you to participate in class. As challenging as it might be to inhibit our parental/caregiver desires and expectations to see our children "perform" in class, it's important to understand that they are learning basic music skills even when they are simply observing others, so please let them be free to develop naturally and in their own time and style. Also, children have different learning styles and personalities and many like to just watch for several weeks or even longer. What usually happens is that they will do everything at home first, so please know that we do not require or expect your child to participate in class. Keep in mind that you are here as a model for your child, even if you don't feel particularly confident about your own musical abilities. If your child sees you making music and having a good time, then she or he is more likely to develop that disposition. Likewise, if your child sees that you talk during class or do not participate, he or she is likely to develop that same attitude. We encourage you to relax, let your child "be" and have fun yourself!

Kind regards,

The SMT Team